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  • Scale New Heights

    Plan for business growth, higher transaction volumes, new markets, and Omni-Channel trading.

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  • Payment Processing

    Secure, fast, reliable, transaction processing, for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Mobile Payments

    Providing new ways to accept payments, increase sales and improve customer service.

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  • Secure by Design

    Helping reduce business risk, protect cardholder information and simplifying compliance.

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    High Availability Reliability and Performance

    Always Looking After Our Customers

    "Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom."


    High Quality Personalised Customer Care

    Any Time-Day or Night

About Us

We are a leading Omni-Channel Payment Service Provider (PSP). We provide merchants with highly reliable, fast and secure payment processing services. Our customers benefit from flexibility, personalized customer care, independence and from our 16 years experience.

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Our RedCard Applications enable secure card acceptance from Omni-Channels. RedCard Processing Services provide fast and secure authorisation, settlement and transaction switching. We support multiple devices, card types, technologies and acquirers.

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Stores, e-Commerce, Contact Centres, Kiosks, UPTs, Mobile.